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I can design, develop, build & maintain your mobile app &/or web site for you, across all platforms. Packages can include domain name registraion & hosting services as well if required.

Here's a summary of the services I currently offer for Web Sites, Web Apps & dedicated Mobile Apps, across all platforms.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Full Custom Design
  • Coding
  • Build
  • Development
  • Fully Embedded Media Content
  • Automation (Email Responders, Booking Procedures, Accounting, etc)
  • Workflow Systems
  • Database Management
  • Live Datasets
  • Deployment
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Translation to & from English/Indonesian
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I've been building web sites & mobile apps since 2011. But I've only been building them professionally since 2018, mostly for small to medium sized businesses & organisations. Some previous projects are outlined below or you can view & explore the full external web sites.

Kafe Utu

Web Site & Automated Workflow Systems

2018 - Ongoing

Custom built website & automation for Singaporean Cafe, features include, automated reservation system, automated workflow system, database management.

Design, Build, Booking System, Workflow Development & Database designed to clients specifications & budget.

The Wood Register

Web Site, Mobile Apps & Automated Workflow Systems

2014 - Ongoing

Custom built website & dedicated mobile app development for The Sussex & Surrey Coppice Group, features include, automated mapping, automated application procedure, live dataset, automated workflow system, database management.

Design, Build, Hosting, Maintenance, Automation, Workflow Development & App Deployment customised to the organisations specifications. Designed, tested & deployed within budget & time frame to full deployment, as set out by client.

App development continues along with the service been rolled out nationally.

Indonesian Wholesaler

eCommerce Wholesale Website and Automated Workflow Systems

2019 - Ongoing

Custom built eCommerce web site for Indonesian wholesale company, features include, secure online shop, log in, automation, workflow systems, databases, auto accounting & invoicing systems.

Design, Build, Hosting, Maintenance & Development carried out to the clients requirements & design.

Rush Files

Cloud Storage Platform

2014 - Ongoing

Custom built cloud storage platform with file sharing facilities, recall, undo & database management system.

Full design, build, development & deployment implemented within budget & time frame set by client.

AJS Crafts

Website and Automated Workflow Systems

2011 to 2017

Custom built web site for specialist UK craftsman which featured product catalogue, course brochure, embedded media, automation, workflow systems, databases, accounting & invoicing automation systems.

Design, Build, Hosting, Maintenance & Workflow Development all carried out to the clients requirements & budget.


Take a look at & explore a selection of previous web site designs I created for different clients, to their specifications, requirements & budgets.



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